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After the hackathon ended, it was time for the conference to start and shine! It wasn’t held at Cluj Hub like the hackathon, but at Cluj Arena, the greatest football field from Transylvania.

So, as you already know, speakers from 8 countries came to the conference. They spoke about Internet of Things , Marketing and Startups , do’s and dont’s. How to grow up a business and what not to do.

And this being said, it began:

Before reviewing every single speech, we want to mention and also thank Philipp Kandal, who was the awesome Chairman and Host of the conference. Thank you very much, Sir, for rocking the stage! :)

First speaker on stage was HP Jin, the CEO of Telenav. His story was rather touching. He told us how he started: he grew up in a small town in China, smaller than Cluj, where there weren’t too many schools available and no college or faculties.

He told us that he was passionate  about robotics, therefore with more than a little effort he went to Stanford, USA, on a  scholarship. He believed in his dream and also fought for it, even though there were many troubles along. He wanted to be among top 10 companies in Silicon Valley. And he made it. Because, as he said: “Persistence is the key. You have to hang there until the market is ready in order to succeed”.


Second on stage, was Marcus Segal. He began his presentation really funny, actually. He was a producer and blew cars in the movies. How awesome is that?

He gave us a brief description about his past, how he got hired by a company called eMusic in 1999. Afterwards, he told us about one of his startups, which he gave up for Zynga. He left in February 2014.

He advised us how to get money for our ideas: from family, friends, Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists. Also, he mentions that you need good people to help you. Marketing is your weakness? Hire a good marketeer. And above all he gives us one important advice: always be realistic.

“The best way to take a project down is to break it into pieces before you go after it.”

He also spoke about the importance of cultural organisation: “You have to create a recognition system. You have to find your athletes and keep them challenged” and don’t forget “Celebrate successes, learn from failures”.

And in the end: “Don’t punish people for failing. They will be afraid to take risks”

Next, on stage was Andy Piper who told us about Internet of Things and API .

What is Internet of Things? It is about signals. The internet of people is about conversations. Twitter is about conversations & people.

Twitter is the shortest distance between you, as an user (@) and what you are interested in (#). Twitter offers you signals. For instance, in England, they have a vending machines that offers you a free t-shirt if you tweet. And also, Andy told us that a colleague of his has a mini device with a LED display, which lights out whenever her name is mentioned (@) on Twitter.

Up next was a panel featuring: Marius Jumolea, Robert Muresan, Dragos Andronic, Tudor Vlad, Simon Obstbaum & moderated by Philipp Kandal. They told us their stories about success and failuers, the troubles they had when opening their business and the reasons they failed.


“This is business, is not a hobby. is business. you need to be realistic about it”
Josef Dunne followed. He told us about Babelverse and how important it is to believe in your product.

Babelverse was born in Greece, because of the incapability to talk with the locals. Was founded by him and 2 of his friends. Since the founding, the three of them felt either success and failure.

Josef told us the importance of trusting your product. He and his friends went bootstrapping, in the extreme way. The most extreme way.

Josef gave us an inspirational speech about startups. You should read more about his story. It’s really great.

Piotr Jaś, the founder of BlaBlaCar was next on stage. As you may know, BlaBlaCar is one of the most popular carpooling services among Europe.

BlaBlaCar started in 2009 and grew up pretty fast. In 2011 it reached its first million of users, and last year, more than 7 milion users used the service in Europe.

There are 13 countries that are covered by BlaBlaCar, and unfortunately, in Eastern Europe, only Ukraine and Russia are
using it.

When they decide to enter on a new market, BlaBlaCar analyses lots of aspects. Among the most important is the infrastructure, the mobile internet and of course, last but not least, the price of the gas. The main advantage of this service is to reduce the cost of transportation :).

After the lunch break, the hackathon winners provided us demonstrations of their devices. Look what they did:

  • Third Place, Marionette (In other words, using Leap Motion and Google Glass, you can play 2048 in 3D)
  • Second Place: Heart Attack Detective (using Withings with an Android app for tracking the heartbeats and giving an emergency call if there is something unusual about it)
  • First Place: SecurEye (Using EyeTracker for introducing your pin code into the ATM)


Marius Jumolea was next and he told us how to develop a business and he also shared a few stories about his startup, Visually.

He told us that on the long run, when you develop something, there will be a few compromises you must make. For Marius, the ones who need to be made are those related to time, thinking out of the box and taking risks.

When preparing a product to go out on a market, there are 3 ways of hurrying the process: the quick development, the quick adaptation or the quick delivery. Among the three of them, the quick delivery is the worst, because it minimizes the quality of the product.

Rossen Tzvetkov from Nova Group was the next speaker. He told us about Advertising, about alternative media partnerships in order to have success.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

Rossen spoke about 4 types of media partnerships: affiliations, white label, media for sales and media for equity.

Affiliations is the first form where you are supposed to pay for the services. The advertiser is relying on the media for growing his audience, which will generate sales. Is the simplest form of win-win in terms of advertising.

White label is the program used by the media agency to create its own brand and to make advertising for the client.

Media for sales is the method used by the agency to promote client’s service, with the rights of promoting/selling.

Media for equity is a 360 degrees advertising programs: tv, web, outdoor, mobile, print radio. This is for the big guys.

After a short break, another panel followed. This time, on stage went: Johannes Reck, Marcus Segal and Rohan
Chandran and it was moderated by Robbert Visser.

They talked about strategies, about how to build a successful global product, but from a local market perspective.


Next on stage, was Voicu Oprean, the owner and CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software.

His speech was about his journey from software outsourcing to innovative products.

And then, the ladies took the stage! Next was Lisa Lang who told us about epic (and pretty funny failures), including Steve Jobs. And Colgate. And Tamagotchi.

Why do some products fail? Because the market isn’t ready, she told us.

“At the moment you can tell a powerful story, people will remember you ”
The next tech lady, Fee Beyer took the stage. She represents an accelerator and startup tech incubator from Berlin, named hub:raum. She explained what it means to grow a business in an incubator and how do you get from idea to finance, with VCs.

The domains are: Internet of Things & Connected Home, Multiscreen, Communication & Connectivity, Cyber security, Big
Data, Cloud or health. These trends are a good guideline for the future domains where are huge possibilities of being developed and financed.

Rohan Chandran, former Yahoo executive and current Director of Product at Telenav, talked about developing a product, while having as a main indicator, data analysis. In this type of development, on data analysis, a few rules are very important: everything must be measured, there have to be clear objectives and everything must be predicted.

And not to forget, the product must be constantly updated so it can beat competition. Or at least be on the same level.

Johannes Reck told us about GetYourGuide, the first service that presents touristic informations offered by consumers and not by business clients.

The main purpose of this project was to connect the travellers with the locals, so they can have that unique experience from

Nowadays, GetYourGuide has a varied platform of activities. The good part is that they are classified in two main categories: local needs (like where can one find great food or something like that) or international needs (tickets, renting, and so on).

In the end, it was Semyon Dukach‘s time to enter on the stage. You know Semyon: a professional blackjack who became an Angel investor.

His speech was about his evolution. How he became an Angel Investor and Managing Director of Techstars Boston, from a professional blackjack player. Pretty cool.


So, after all these, there was the party. In My Way. And then, officially, Techsylvania ended. But, no worries! Next year …we’ll be back!


DSC_0009Ladies and Gents, we are proud to announce you that the first edition of Techsylvania is over and that it was considered a huge success! Before we will start a short review of the event, we want to thank you for participating and for supporting us! Hats off!

The event began on Saturday with a 24 hour hackathon. You know, that part of the event where like 100+  people tried to develop some awesome apps on more awesome gadgets. What gadgets, you may ask?

Well, first of all we had Google Glass (they’re like a must in developing, you gotta have ’em), Leap Motion, Oculus VR, Sony
Smartwatch, Pebble, Sphero, Withings, Onyx Beacons, Up by Jawbone, Little Printer, The Eye Tribe Tracker & EpsonMoverio BT-100. And this being said, we can move on, right?


Dan Romescu came especially from Germany to be the badass hacknitatior of Techsylvania. Of course, he had his Google Glass always on. And from the speakers, Andy attended Hackathon from day one, being of a real support for the participants.

And of course, the hackathon participants weren’t alone all this time. They have been mentored and judged by Stefan Karschti, Robert Muresan, Tudor Vlad, Mircea Patachi, Bogdan Oros, Marcus Segal, Rohan Chandran, Radu Ilie and Marius Mornea.


The hackathon began with the pitching. There were 22 pitches, but only 14 of them were voted and in the end 13 got to the final pitch. 1337 team’s hardware kinda failed. We’re really really sorry about that. So , 13 apps became reality. Curious about them? Here’s a list:

1. Arobs VR: 3D car Showroom using Oculus VR.
2. Team 6: Hackathon Virtual Tour using Onyx Beacons & Google Glass
3. PebbleNav: Pedestrian Navigation using Pebble watch – street maps using smartwatch – 2 apps, one for the watch and one for the smartphone.
4. Heart Attack Detected: using Withings with an Android app for tracking the heartbeats and giving an emergency call if there is something unusual about it (heartattack).
5. SecurEye: Using EyeTracker for introducing your pin code into the ATM.
6. Crazy Monster: using Leap Motion and Sphero to entertain your dog or kittie (there was a cute dog there @ presentation :3)
7. Vital Music: life soundtracks can become real. Using UP by Jawbone synced with an iPhone, so it can play music according to your mood.
8. Marionette: In other words, using Leap Motion and Google Glass, you can play 2048 in 3D.
9. CSR: using Beacons, Arduino for smart switch system (for instance, changing the light intensity)
10. Tappitude: using Google Glass for providing real time informations for real estate, such as photos and others.
11. Fantastic 4: CRM app for hospitals. Using Onyx Beacons for tracking patient’s data.
12. Crowd Buster: using Google Glass for replacing Powerpoint presentations.
13. iBeacon Wi-fi Connector: when you’re home, the 3G closes and the wireless activates and when you leave, the other way around.


After 24h of hacking and hacking away and developing such great applications, it was almost impossible to choose 1 winner. All the apps were amazing, and after a lot of debating from the Judges, here are the awards:

David from Relayr, gave a prize for the most creative implementation of the Wunder Bar.

Marius from Onyx Beacons gave 3 prize for every team which used Onyx Beacons in their projects.

Tappitude won a HTC M8 for the most creative and innovative app.

And the last special prizes from the jury were offered by Andy Piper, the Develop Advocate @ Twitter, to the Crazy Monster team.

And now lady and gents, the winners of hackathon are:

3rd Place: Marionetter (3D 2048)
2nd Place: Heart Attack Detective
1st Place: SecurEye !!!


Congrats everyone, you did an amazing job!

And this being said, the first edition of the hackathon came to an end :).

But don’t worry, we’ll see you next year!





After all this time, we are pretty sure you may have heard about the Techsylvania Hackathon, a 24 hour-competition, where lots and lots of apps will be created. So, like every other competition, the hackathon has its first places and its prizes. After all the hard work, we’re pretty sure they’re more than welcome.

What are the prizes, you may ask? Well, they’ve been posted on the official page as well, but  we’d like to also summarize them here.


First Place: the lucky ones will win an Alcatel One Touch, Sphero, Leap MotionWithings Pulse, 3 x Onyx Beacons, wildcard to the Plug and Play Accelerator (invitation to their Pitching Day and expenses paid up to 500€), 1 ticket at Plug&Start 11-13 June 2014 (transportation, accommodation and meals included for one person), free e-mail marketing offered by Moosend for 6 months for Hackathon startups &  free office @ Spherik Accelerator. 


Second Place: almost as lucky as the first place, will win: Misfit, Pebble, Withings Pulse, 3 x Onyx Beacons & free e-mail marketing offered by Moosend for 6 months for Hackathon startups.




The Third Place: maybe a little less lucky, but lucky enough, will win Leap MotionPebble, Misfit, 1 x Onyx Beacons & free e-mail marketing offered by Moosend for 6 months for Hackathon startups.


Special Prize for the most innovative app offered by HTC.

Total value of prizes: 3500 euros



Therefore, we can only wish you good luck & don’t forget to have some fun!

Note: there will be one device from each Hackathon partner, unless otherwise mentioned (e.g. 3 x Onyx Beacons)



Learning Connexions are in Cluj to start a new adventure in bringing our fantastic courses, trainers and L&D solutions to Romania to help train and inspire the Romanian and Eastern European tech community into being the best they can be! We have the experience and expertise to help software professionals evaluate their strengths, build on their weaknesses, develop talent and manage change.

Amaad Qureshi – Business Development Manager at Learning Connexions




Learning Connexions is a dedicated training; learning & development consultancy. We specialise in high–end training for developers, leaders and all types of software professionals. We deliver both public and private courses covering everything from Agile methodologies to technical courses in a variety of programming languages. We want all of our delegates to have a learning experience; our philosophy is to provide “practical, applicable knowledge” delivered by the best instructors in the world with excellent customer service.


Don’t miss the Early Bird tickets! Today is the last day in which you will find them at 69€!

We know that you want to participate at the technology event of the season and that’s why you don’t have to miss this last day of offer for Early Bird tickets, at the conference.

Get in touch with the most innovative people, people that are always keeping one last stunning story for you, your business and your future creative ideas in their pockets.

The reputation of the speakers is already well known, from Marcus Segal to HP Jin and Aryk Grosz, and many others. Their names are an assurance that we are going to offer you the best event that you can attend.

This one day of conference will lead you to a path of self confidence, development and creativity mixed with focused work.
Let yourself be impressed, because you’re the next that will make an impression!


Hello and welcome to Techsylvania, the place where inspiration, ideas and knowledge lead to the creation of new projects and collaborations! This time it’s not about Dracula, food nor exceptional places to see, but about technology! This is because Techsylvania is the biggest tech event in Transylvania and one of the biggest in the CEE Area, tapping on the potential of the more than 4000 tech and computer science graduates living and working in the city.

In between May 31st and June 2nd, the first edition of Techsylvania will bring together the region’s foremost creative minds, exceptional speakers, tech guys and innovators that will share their experience and knowledge in order to boost innovation and technological development right in the heart of Romania.

Techsylvania is a two-part event starting with a 24-hour hackathon that will take place on May 31st and June 1st, and ending up on June 2nd with an amazing one day conference that will bring on stage the best and brightest tech minds of the region.

3450244174_bf9c92f166_oPart 1: The hackathon

During the hackathon we welcome the best developers in the region and we challenge them to develop disruptive apps on connected and wearable technologies, while having the opportunity to explore the devices provided by our partners.

Wondering what to expect during the hackathon? Oh well, during the 24-hours event you’ll get the chance to work next to more than 100 developers on different types of wearable devices and connected technologies. You can either team up with your friends or join an existing team to build an app that has the power to change the world. At the end, you will showcase your product and convince us of its potential. The best teams will be awarded, and the top 3 projects will not only receive free passes to the conference, but will also have the chance to present their projects in front of the entire audience of Techsylvania.

Are you ready to code till you drop? Register on the waiting list for the Techsylvania hackathon and we’ll let you know as soon as we release the first batch of tickets. Get ready for the experience of your lifetime!

4112582Part 2: The conference

The second part of Techsylvania is the conference where you’ll have the opportunity to listen to and networking with great tech speakers from all around the world. Join us to get inspired, meet potential investors or partners, or simply network with like-minded people.

Curious who will you meet during the event? We’re pleased to introduce you to some of our amazing speakers that will come on the Techsylvania stage to share their expertise. Please meet:

  • Marcus Segal, Former COO Casino Division Zynga & Entrepreneur in Residence at The Summit, experienced strategist and operations manager with over 15 years of experience in the technology sector
  • Paddy Cosgrave Founder of The Summit and F.ounders, described by Bloomberg as “Davos for Geeks”, entrepreneur and organizer of F.ounders, the annual gathering of 250 CEOs of the world’s leading private technology companies
  • Jack Levine, Founder and CEO of Electric Objects, NYC-based startup that builds a connected screen that brings beautiful digital objects into your home
  • HP Jin, Co-Founder & CEO of Telenav, the global leader in location-based services, automotive nagivation and location-targeted mobile advertising, that acquired Skobbler early this year
  • Aryk Grosz, Co-Founder and CTO of Mixbook Inc., an award-winning web-based photo book service, that has been featured in New York Times, USA Today or Today Show in the US
  • Nicholas Chirls, CEO at Alphaworks, a new company that empowers communities to become owners in the companies they love, and Former Head of Seed Investing at betaworks

Still thinking about it? Even if you’re currently living in Cluj or somewhere else, in between May 31st and June 2nd Techsylvania is the place to be if you’re interested in tech, innovation, disruptive technologies, and connected and wearable devices!

Bonus point! Early registrations are rewarded with a 50% discount off the regular ticket price: the first 25 participants will enjoy a limited 2 for 1 deal and get the chance to attend Techsylvania for only 44.5 EUR. Early bird tickets will be available afterwards until 30th of April for 69 EUR.

This is your chance to get the extra edge and connect with people that can make a real difference! Join us at Techsylvania and register now for the tech event of the year!

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