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Hackathon - FAQs

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1.What does the Techsylvania Hackathon provide?

We’ll provide you with WiFi, power, food, beverages, and, of course, the prizes. We’ll also have a bunch of amazing wearable and connected devices for you to hack on. You can check the devices provided by our partners on the event info page.

2.Is this Hackathon only for experienced developers?

No. Any kind of developer can participate.

3.How can we form teams?

You can either form a team with your own friends or join any team when you come to the event. Also, we strongly suggest that each hacker gives their attention to just one team, rather than trying to be a part of multiple projects; we want to see your best work, and it’s hard to do your best work when you’re jumping from table to table.

4.What should I bring?

All your normal coding/designing gear, and any hardware you want to hack on. You might want to bring an Internet tethering device just in case the network gets busy.

5.What is the judging criteria?

It’s simple – based on the awesomeness of the project. The judges won’t be worried to much about whether your hackathon project has a clear business model build-in (while this can’t hurt), but they will be focusing on creativity, cleverness and innovation. Bonus points will be given for good pitch and an app built to solve real-world problem.

6.How long are the pitches?

60 seconds for initial pichtes and 5 minutes for the final demos.

7.I have another question.

Send us an email at hackathon@techsylvania.co and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

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