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DSC_0009Ladies and Gents, we are proud to announce you that the first edition of Techsylvania is over and that it was considered a huge success! Before we will start a short review of the event, we want to thank you for participating and for supporting us! Hats off!

The event began on Saturday with a 24 hour hackathon. You know, that part of the event where like 100+  people tried to develop some awesome apps on more awesome gadgets. What gadgets, you may ask?

Well, first of all we had Google Glass (they’re like a must in developing, you gotta have ’em), Leap Motion, Oculus VR, Sony
Smartwatch, Pebble, Sphero, Withings, Onyx Beacons, Up by Jawbone, Little Printer, The Eye Tribe Tracker & EpsonMoverio BT-100. And this being said, we can move on, right?


Dan Romescu came especially from Germany to be the badass hacknitatior of Techsylvania. Of course, he had his Google Glass always on. And from the speakers, Andy attended Hackathon from day one, being of a real support for the participants.

And of course, the hackathon participants weren’t alone all this time. They have been mentored and judged by Stefan Karschti, Robert Muresan, Tudor Vlad, Mircea Patachi, Bogdan Oros, Marcus Segal, Rohan Chandran, Radu Ilie and Marius Mornea.


The hackathon began with the pitching. There were 22 pitches, but only 14 of them were voted and in the end 13 got to the final pitch. 1337 team’s hardware kinda failed. We’re really really sorry about that. So , 13 apps became reality. Curious about them? Here’s a list:

1. Arobs VR: 3D car Showroom using Oculus VR.
2. Team 6: Hackathon Virtual Tour using Onyx Beacons & Google Glass
3. PebbleNav: Pedestrian Navigation using Pebble watch – street maps using smartwatch – 2 apps, one for the watch and one for the smartphone.
4. Heart Attack Detected: using Withings with an Android app for tracking the heartbeats and giving an emergency call if there is something unusual about it (heartattack).
5. SecurEye: Using EyeTracker for introducing your pin code into the ATM.
6. Crazy Monster: using Leap Motion and Sphero to entertain your dog or kittie (there was a cute dog there @ presentation :3)
7. Vital Music: life soundtracks can become real. Using UP by Jawbone synced with an iPhone, so it can play music according to your mood.
8. Marionette: In other words, using Leap Motion and Google Glass, you can play 2048 in 3D.
9. CSR: using Beacons, Arduino for smart switch system (for instance, changing the light intensity)
10. Tappitude: using Google Glass for providing real time informations for real estate, such as photos and others.
11. Fantastic 4: CRM app for hospitals. Using Onyx Beacons for tracking patient’s data.
12. Crowd Buster: using Google Glass for replacing Powerpoint presentations.
13. iBeacon Wi-fi Connector: when you’re home, the 3G closes and the wireless activates and when you leave, the other way around.


After 24h of hacking and hacking away and developing such great applications, it was almost impossible to choose 1 winner. All the apps were amazing, and after a lot of debating from the Judges, here are the awards:

David from Relayr, gave a prize for the most creative implementation of the Wunder Bar.

Marius from Onyx Beacons gave 3 prize for every team which used Onyx Beacons in their projects.

Tappitude won a HTC M8 for the most creative and innovative app.

And the last special prizes from the jury were offered by Andy Piper, the Develop Advocate @ Twitter, to the Crazy Monster team.

And now lady and gents, the winners of hackathon are:

3rd Place: Marionetter (3D 2048)
2nd Place: Heart Attack Detective
1st Place: SecurEye !!!


Congrats everyone, you did an amazing job!

And this being said, the first edition of the hackathon came to an end :).

But don’t worry, we’ll see you next year!

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