Learning Connexions is built on our passion of delivering high quality L&D solutions to your organisation. Through our courses and events we help participants evaluate strengths, develop talent, train leadership and manage change. We understand the importance of development as a holistic experience for each delegate, and we have the experience to help ensure your learning needs are fully met. We constantly strive to offer the best advice to all our clients. This includes offering the most relevant courses to you depending on your current skill base, career development needs and future aspirations. We want each and every delegate on our courses to have an enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

We host public courses in London all year round and due to increasing demand we have now expanded to Leeds, Dublin and Edinburgh. We source the best trainers to teach our classes, as well as enforcing a strong commitment to courseware, learning facilities and activity based learning.

Our course material is developed by our knowledgeable instructors who partner exclusively with us in the UK. When not training for us, they work on projects using the technologies they teach. All our trainers are also actively involved in consulting, speaking at conferences and writing books, articles and blogs. Rather than relying on PowerPoint presentations, our trainers employ a wide range of teaching techniques to aid the learning experience of our delegates. These tools include the use of exercises, real project experiences, codebases and group collaboration.

Feedback from our delegates after each course is of paramount importance to us. A strong commitment to this feedback allows us to continually ensure we are meeting our delegates’ needs and delivering the very best possible learning experience. This attention to the needs of our clients and delegates has led to us receiving excellent feedback on all our courses and cultivating many on-going relationships.