Bianca Ganga

Social Media Responsible

Bianca studies Advertising at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Science and she is currently in the second year. She started her “career” as a volunteer in august 2013.

Her first contact with the volunteering world was with a known website around students, called What she did (and still does) was to write about events and things that generally interest students. Afterwards, she volunteered as an entertainer at the Interwar Festival.

Because the taste of not wasting time and meeting new people was becoming sweeter, she also became a volunteer in the TiMAF staff (Transylvania International Music and Art Festival), which she enjoyed pretty much. She was in the Comedy Cluj staff as well, but she got bored, so she kinda quit.

Now, she is a volunteer at an online magazine called The Deal (which is a business magazine for students) and a member of AIESEC Cluj-Napoca, where her main job is to maintain the blog.

Her first contact with Social Media was around 2008, but then she never understood how amazing Facebook can be. She actually worked as a Facebook Content Creator in 2013, when she started to understand the deepness of Social Media and how useful can it be for a future wannabe-copywriter(and she become addicted to it, as well).